Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two are better than one

Ecclesiastes 4:9 gives this piece of advice. Two people working together are better than one self-reliant individual

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August is in full swing from the beginning!

Chim has been busy since last Thursday. He has visited the Hyundi Discovery, MOL Proficieny, ITS Rotterdam Bridge as well as volunteering at the Seafarers' Center in the evenings. He has taken seafarers shopping in the Lutheran Maritime van, shared the Gospel with the crews, prayed for individuals.

Yesterday he prayed for an ordinary seaman (that's what his position is called) prior to his departure for India. Mr. Singh had fallen while working on the lashings of the cantainers while the ship was at sea and had to wait 10 days to reach the port for treatment. He was in a lot of pain during that time. Chim prayed for him with another believer before he left for recovery in India. ITF (the seafarers union) was on board with Chim, so thankfully, Mr. Singh will receive compensation properly for this injury.

Chim had lunch with the crews of the Proficieny and the Rotterdam Bridge on different days. He was able to get better accquainted with the men and then he dropped them for shopping and later picked them up again. He also drove the captain and the first engineer to Cosco for shopping. This helps open doors for later ministry.

Yesterday Chim ask me to do some touring with the captain and first engineer from the MOL Proficiency. I first took them to the Japanese Garden at Cal State LB where they were surprised at the peace and beauty. They fed the lovely koi fish and then I showed them some of Naples and the canals there. After that we drove down to San Juan Capistrano and we toured the Mission there. Later I dropped them at Cosco for shopping. Chim picked them up later and he said they were in awe of all that they got to do that day! Needless to say they had a day that they wouldn't soon forget.

As I was writing this entry, we just received a phone call from Romania! George and his wife Romana called after receiving our latest email to them. They had just returned from another trip to the mountains where they had taken Chim and I in June. On this visit, they had seen wild bear that actually came up to their car begging for food. We enjoyed a nice long phone visit together. It's great to be able to visualize them talking on the phone with us while seated in their kitchen where we played the card game Uno late into the night together just a few weeks ago! It's nearly midnight and they didn't want to disturb Ginger, their 4 year old daughter. I am sending them copies of some of the photos we took together. Well, let me close for now. Chim just left to go join another ship which I'll tell you about later! Bye for now!