Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Well, it's good to be back and blogging again about our seafarers! Chim is back from 3 months in New Mexico. We drove back together after my one month stay. We were engaged in family business and will need to return again, if possible, in February for a short time. However, we kept in touch by receiving calls and emails from seafarers. We were unable to recruit anyone to relieve us during our time away from home. We returned on January 8th in the evening and the next day we received a missionary couple from Guyana four days. At the same time, Chim was entertaining the staff and crew from the Long Beach Bridge and MOL Proficiency. We also had Rajvi Patik (our old partner now in San Francisco with his Russian wife Anna and their 2 little girls). He brought a new friend, Sanjay, who's also in volunteering with LMM.

This last Friday, Chim took the responsibility for conducting a memorial service for Eric Hands, a 66 years old seaman, at the International Seafarers Center. Eric stayed with us for 2 weeks a few years ago when he had his orginal surgery for his cancer. He put up a brave fight but lost the battle on Monday last. His son and brother traveled cross country to attend the service. Ron Nelson assisted Chim during the service and was a blessing to us and Alex Carpenter from our church played guitar and lead the singing. Father Henry, the Catholic priest also took part.