Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday, June 29th

Chim has been out all day with seafarers touring Hollywood and other areas. He had to borrow a larger van from the Seafarers' Center to accomate all the guys that wanted to come on the tour. This gave the men great pleasure and began a friendship with the Chief Engineer (CE) of one the ships Chim visited. He was able to witness to this man about the Lord with four or five other men in the ship's office later. Chim was able to give the CE a DVD relating to the Lord. The CE promised to watch it and give Chim his opinion later opening the door for another visit later.
Chim visited the MOL Proficiency where all the deck offciers were Indian. He also had time to see the Hyundai Discovery where he met with six Indians, 3 Philipinos and an Irishman! He gave them rides to the Lakewood Mall and basicially made connections with the crews for the next visit.
We received a call from Romania from George for Fay's birthday yesterday. It was a treat to talk with him. We had such a great visit with he and his family in June.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 2008 Chaplain's Report

June 27, 2008- We returned from our European adventure on June 16th. After about one week Chim was able to return to the Seafarers’ Center for service to the people there. He has worked a couple of afternoons and each evening this week with the Seafarers. The staff at the Center are very happy he is back in his supportive position again. Over our break we continued to have email and phone contact with seafarers, however, services to the people in Long Beach came to a standstill during our absence. This is a concern because Chim is planning a trip to India in the fall and is worried about who will carry on the services he provides to the seafarers.

Besides spending time with George and his wife in Romania, we were able to met with another seafarer and his family. Sorin, Solmonia and their son, Andr, met us for dinner at the Motor Café on the Beach in Constanta. We had a great time together and enjoyed this experience. We left messages for other sailors we were unable to get together with and expressed our regret that we missed them-Stephan and Rodu.

Chim had an opportunity to witness on Monday to two Americans, Joe and Chris, about Christ and Chim’s experience with his faith. He gave them both copies of the Gospel of John. He also met the chief officer from the ITS London Bridge taking him to Best Buy and Circuit City and spend the afternoon talking about the Lord with this man. Three other crewmembers joined them.

April 2008 Chaplain's report

April 7, 2008- Last night the Lord gave us an unexpected blessing when Chim brought four men home from the Seafarers’ Center. Chim had spent the evening with the Captain from the Yang Ming March. He drove him to all the places the Captain wanted to go. We had already given this man a lot of attention over the weekend. We took him to breakfast and then to church with us where he heard the Gospel message. After church we spend the rest of the day with him; we toured the La Brea Tar Pits, Natural Science Museum, Hollywood, saw the Crucification at Forest Lawn in Glendale and then on to Bakersfield to meet some friends and hear a special Evangelist speak.

It is sometimes hard to spend time with the men when the Captain is so needy. However, after taking him shopping and for dinner, Chim took him back to the ship and when looking for some of his crewmembers. At the Center Chim invited these four seamen to our house. One of the crew, the 3rd engineer from the Philippines named Deo gave us his testimony as we sat around enjoying tea and cookies. He was so encouraged to have Christian fellowship. The other men, one Hindu and two Catholics, heard his testimony. Deo said that this time was God appointed. He was so excited and relieved to have time to talk with other believers. He feels God is calling him into ministry. Please pray for Deo.

Chim encouraged Deo by talking about Jonah and his resistance to doing God’s will. Vinod Kumar from India gave his testimony and again the men heard the Gospel message.