Monday, February 23, 2009

The return to normal LA time has taken a while! Jetlag hung onto us for nearly 2 weeks. Happy to report Chim is finally back to normal. We enjoyed our LMM board meeting here on 13th as it gave us opportunity to update all the members at once. Hearnen continues to supply the telephones to the seafarers and Chim is beginning to get back into the routine of visiting ships. Chim had the chance to share the Gospel with Raymond, a Phillipino seafarer from a Maersk vessel, while driving him back to his ship prior to departure. Pray the seed of the Word was planted in receptive soil of the heart.

We'd like to report that the port of Long Beach is going "green" by supplying power to ships that are equiped with special fittings so that they can turn off their diesel engines while docked thus saving the port pollution. Using shoreside power is about 90 percent cleaner than burning diesel fuel. So far only 5 "K" Line vessels have been equipped with the necessary fittings to plug into the new wharf. More will come as Long Beach continues to go green.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The care of seafarers during November thru January

Hearen Christian and the Board of Lutheran Maritime Ministries have done a superior job of maintaining support for the seafarers at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles during our absence. Not only did they distribute the wonderful Christmas boxes provided by faithful Lutheran churches but Hearen continued the daily availability for transportation and spiritual services the folks at the ports have come to expect from LMM. Thank you does not say how very grateful we are to the Lord and His servants!