Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Sunday, August 30th, we were invited on board the APL Illinois. (APL stands for American President Lines. ) Chim was ask to preach. He's done this before on this vessel. Strangely, this time, in the middle of his talk someone started asking questions about why we were trying to convince them that "God was angry and sin was bad"! He wanted to know "What is sin, anyway?" Chim gave a good calm explanation and the meeting came to an end. Turns out the man who ask the questions is into witchcraft! There were 19 men at the meeting and I was proud of how Chim demonstrated Christ's love to this man. He spent the day running around taking the crew to different locations, BestBuy, Cosco, etc. I helped out by taking the crew from another ship to do their errands.

Chim has been busy daily with seafarers. He drove one to a doctor's appointment to see a specialist in Tustin. That was a great opportunity to talk to him about spiritual things on the drive.

We've had 4-5 men from the crew of another ship here the last two nights for dinner and games. One of the seafarers gave Chim a tee shirt and me some Christmas decorations. How thoughtful! We gave them the Mexican Train Dominoes game set we'd been playing for the past 2 evenings!