Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our visit to India ends tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our last day in India. The time has slipped by very quickly in terms of seeing different places and enhancing friendships. We have visited many of the seafarers that ask us to but by no means all.

At present we are with Captain Sanjay Bhatia and his family in Delhi. We have known him for several years. Four years ago Fay was able to take them to Sea World in San Diego. The kids have grown up so much since then. Neha is in her 3rd year of law school and Manish is in 7th grade. Sanjay’s wife, Geeta, is a wonderful cook so we’ve enjoyed her talent very much.

The Lord has used this time in India to impress upon me the importance of hospitality and how we express our love through it’s use. Chim says he's learnt the importance of love in action and is looking forward to returning home to put into practice what he's learnt. The next 10 days we will be in Thailand with Handclasp ministry and then home.

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