Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chaplain Chim recently had to go into hospital for an angiogram and electrophysiology study due to experiencing fatigue and shortness of breath. The results of all the tests was basically "negative" without a diagnosis being made other than Cardiac Artery Disease. The doctors inserted a "loop- recorder" into his chest wall to monitor for future events, and unfortunately, he is not allowed to drive until he proves he's been healed (6 months without an episode) or having another one and catching it on the loop-recorder so it can be fixed! (They are fearful that he might black-out while driving.) That means a lot more doctors' appointments!

So, once again, as we get back to life in a new "normal" way, we would appreciate your prayers and are thankful for your love towards us. A few people have stepped up to help Chim in assisting the seafarers so he is still able to go on board ships and maintain relationships he has cultivated so carefully. President of the Board of Directors, Ron Nelson, has been extremely helpful. He has devoted his time unselfishly to helping Chim carry on the ministry.  Also, Bob Guthmiller from Torrance First Lutheran, unselfishly given of his time to help drive seafarers during this time and words can not express our gratitude to he and Ron.
In September, the International Seafarers' Center held their annual fundraiser. For the third year LMM purchased 2 tables and were happy to have many guests from various Lutheran churches that enjoyed the evening. There were tug boat races, a parade of various ships and fireships displays, followed by Chim opening the dinner presentation with prayer. A good time was had by all our guests and we trust significant funds were raised for the good of the seafarers.

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